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Youth Diversion Projects (YDPs)


“These projects are co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Union”.

Youth Diversion Projects (formerly called Garda Youth Diversion projects) are community based and supported youth development projects which seek to divert young people from becoming involved (or further involved) in anti-social or criminal behaviour. These projects facilitate personal development and social development. They present opportunities for young people to undertake actions corresponding to their own aspirations and to assume responsibilities within their local communities.

The Department of Justice deals with youth crime policy, oversight and funding of the 105 Youth Diversion Projects nationwide, 4 of which are operated by Youth Work Ireland Midlands.

YDPs aim to bring about the conditions whereby the behavioural patterns of young people towards law and order can develop and mature through positive interventions and interaction with the project. They are primarily targeted at 12-17 year old “at risk” youths in communities where a specific need has been identified and where there is a risk of them remaining within the justice system. The objectives of a YDP are to:


  • Promote focussed and effective interventions to challenge and divert young people from offending behaviour;

  • Utilise YDP resources in areas of greatest need and to establish effective crime prevention supports in co-operation with other youth service providers nationwide;

  • Actively promote crime prevention policy through focussed educational interventions influencing positive development of young people towards becoming responsible citizens.

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    Ann Sheeran.
    Fusion Tullamore


    Ann Sheeran, Coordinator

    O’Connor Square, Tullamore

    Phone: 086 7955357


    Acorn Edenderry


    Kevin Farrell, Coordinator

    St. Josephs Hall, Edenderry

    Phone: 046 973 2854


    alf Athlone
    ALF Athlone


    Eithne Fallon, Coordinator


    Phone: 086 795 5323


    eye mulling
    EYE Mullingar


    Joan O'Connor, Coordinator

    Columb Barracks, Mullingar

    Phone: 086 372 8994


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