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Youth Information

Our Youth Information Service is a free, confidential information service to young people and those who work with them on a wide range of subjects including careers, education, employment matters, rights and entitlements, leisure, sport, travel and European opportunities.


It is a first point of contact for a young person seeking information on any subject of interest or concern. The information can be provided online, over the phone or at one of our project buildings.


We are always available to help find or interpret the information required. We work in close co-operation with other relevant voluntary and statutory agencies and will refer young people to them when further information or specialist help is required.

Youth Information Officer
Coordinator: Edweena Farrell

Tel: 090 64 77075

The chat service is available between 4pm and 8pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). 


If you want to chat to a Youth Information Officer during that time, start a conversation now

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